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Jun 30, 2016 - the laughing cow party cubes

I occasionally like to try new things. It really depends on my mood. Some days, I’m a bit more adventurous. Other days, I go with the same old, same old. I’m also incredibly lazy (or as I like to call it, I’m efficiently lazy. Translation: I move lightning fast to get tasks done so I have more time to do nothing). Being incredibly lazy means I’m not always up for the effort of trying something new.

Well, today, I decided to try something new: Laughing Cow Party Cubes. – Continue Reading

Apr 3, 2016 - fontaine sante roasted beets hummus dip

What’s not to love about hummus? I love hummus but occasionally I do get a little bored of the classic hummus mix so I jumped for joy when I found the Fontaine Sante Roasted Beets hummus dip. I mean, it’s got BEETS!  What’s not to love about beets?

I love beets. I love how they taste, the texture, the bright vibrant raspberry colour, beets are simply magical. Pair them with hummus and it seemed like the perfect match. Someone pass me the toast! – Continue Reading

Feb 9, 2016 - smuckers pure raspberry jam

I can’t believe it, it’s February and I’m still talking about those thumbprint cookies except this time I’m focusing on the jam I successfully used to make decent looking thumbprint cookies. Some of you asked about the types of jam I used to make the thumbprint cookies so I thought I’d share.

By far, the thumbprint cookies that turned out the best were made with Smucker’s Pure Raspberry jam. See this thumbprint cookie? – Continue Reading

Aug 16, 2015 - pc organics raspberry fruit spread

I recently posted a recipe for these super yummy raspberry jam bars. What I didn’t get to mention was the amazing raspberry jam that we used to make those bars.

Allow me to introduce PC Organics Raspberry Fruit Spread. If I’m ever in need of a raspberry jam, this is the one I look to. It’s easy, it’s affordable and the taste is great.

– Continue Reading

May 26, 2015 - summer fresh light hummus

The weather may be getting warmer but that is not why I like the Summer Fresh Light Hummus. If you’re a regular reader of, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of dips and spreads (well, okay… most dips and spreads) and sometimes I’ll use them on my breakfast toast instead of the typical jam or butter.

For a while now, I’ve been testing out different types of hummus with different flavour profiles and it suddenly hit me that I miss eating just regular plain old hummus without all the bells and whistles. I end up at the grocery store, I browse the shelves with all the dips and spreads and decided on the Summer Fresh Light Hummus.

Hey, the Summer Fresh Light Hummus boasts to have all the flavour with 70% less fat (see the first pic). Guess what? They were right! – Continue Reading

Apr 28, 2015 - garden fresh gourmet cream cheese and salsa dip

I love dips. I love gravy. I love sauces although I’m not a big fan of mustard but that’s beside the point. Give me food and you’ll make me that much happier if a dip or sauce is included.

So…it should come as no surprise to you then that I get random moments when I WANT crackers and dip as a snack. On this particular occasion, I was at a grocery store with friends and stumbled upon the Garden Fresh Gourmet Cream Cheese and Salsa dip.

If you like a zesty zip in your dip, you’ll probably love this Garden Fresh Gourmet Cream Cheese and Salsa dip. – Continue Reading

Jan 14, 2015 - mapospreadCopyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved.

I’m not always at the grocery store and often times when I am at the grocery store, it’s a quick dart in and out. Sometimes, I get to roam around in the aisles. I love roaming those aisles. I look for new products, I read labels, I compare, I ‘ooh’ and I ‘oh’ and I ‘eep’. Who knew you could do so much while roaming the aisles.

A little while back I noticed this little jar at my local grocery store: Map-o-Spread. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn’t and I was definitely intrigued so I picked it up and took a closer look. Map-o-Spread, composed sugar spread.

What does that mean?

I had no idea so I took an even closer look and read the ingredients list. Map-o-Spread is made with the following ingredients: sugar, glucose, water, artificial flavour, canola oil, agar, potassium sorbate, - mapospread

Um…it’s called Map-o-Spread, right? Where’s the ‘map’ in that list of ingredients? I have no clue.

I read a little more on the label and apparently Map-o-Spread is supposed to be really yummy on toast, pancakes, ice cream and could even be used as a cake icing. Okay..that works, I guess. I guess it’s supposed to be like a sweet spread of some sort to go on top of bread and that sort of thing. The only thing is, it’s got all that STUFF in it.

Am I really going to eat THAT?

*scratches head*

Given our family’s focus to eat a little healthier, we look to spreads like almond butter, honey, real maple syrup, organic peanut butter, coconut butter, real grape jam, and other goodies when we want an extra punch on our pancakes, toasts, and whatnot.

Needless to say, the Map-o-Spread stayed on the shelf as I continued to roam further along in the aisle. There’s no doubt, I’m sure it tastes delicious. LOTS of foods taste delicious but it doesn’t mean I have to buy them all.

Oh well….

p.s. I tried to find their official website but didn’t come up with anything. Sorry!

Reminder: this post was written by and for only. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this post (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. Practice ethical posting!

Dec 10, 2014 - favols les creatives green tomato with lemonCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Let’s cut to the chase, I love Favols Les Creatives Green Tomato with Lemon. I don’t know if it’s technically a jam or a chutney or a marmalade type concoction but it’s yummy. Best part is, it’s really yummy when paired with some extra old cheddar cheese.

Then, it becomes magic.
– Continue Reading

Oct 22, 2014 - nutella and goCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

I’m in the grocery store and I come across this gigantic display. I look and oh! It’s nutella. I know nutella, everyone pretty much knows nutella but this was a little different. It’s a new kind of packaging like nutella with a twist called nutella & GO!

Question is, would you nutella & GO!?

You see, I wouldn’t. Sure, the display was enticing and the nutella & GO! looks really neat but I’m a label reader and I’ve read the nutella label before and I didn’t like it then so unless they did something drastic to their recipe, I was 99.999990% sure I wouldn’t buy it. – Continue Reading

Sep 2, 2014 - crofters organic mango premium spreadCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

I feel like I haven’t reviewed a jam in a while, I mean, really review. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of bad eggs on the supermarket shelves but I haven’t come across a good one that I’d at least be willing to try.

Ah, that’s where Crofter’s Organic Mango Premium Spread comes in. I’m a big fan of mangoes and so when I saw a mango spread by a company I recognize, I just couldn’t resist doing this taste test. The best part was, the Crofter’s Organic Mango Premium Spread was on sale for less than $4! – Continue Reading

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