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Aug 29, 2013
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and school is just around the corner. I’m not quite sure how to take this. My child is certainly more than ready for the first day of school. Question is: am I?

This has been quite the eventful summer. We didn’t do a lot of ‘big’ events per se, but there was a lot of personal stuff to do and plenty of one day excursions. So, as we round that ceremonious corner to the new school year, here’s a quick checklist of things that you may or may not have done (yet):

  • Annual visit to the doctor?
  • Regular visit to the dentist?
  • Have you had your kid’s eyes checked yet? That’s always a bonus before going back to school.
  • Back to school shopping? – unnecessary if you’ve been carefully planning throughout the year. Besides, why buy into all that consumerism hype?
  • Do you need to have your child’s hearing?
  • Did you kid’s feet grow over the summer? – better make sure those running shoes fit for gym class!
  • Fall jacket? – you’ll need that soon enough. Again, if you’ve been planning ahead, you may already have one in storage!
  • Lunch bag? – if it smells from the last school year, you’d better toss it out ASAP (if you haven’t done so yet) and get a new one. Then, be sure your child can use it independently with no spills, messes, or tears.
  • Emergency pick up and back up plan – in the event that you can’t pick up your child from school, do you have a back up plan in place?
  • Back to school lunches – you knew this was coming, didn’t you? I won’t go into extensive details here because you’ll find a ton of info elsewhere on the internet. What I will say is that  it would be a really good idea to involve your child in the planning process. The more you involve a child, the more likely he/she will actually eat the food.

Whatever the to dos or must dos or “I’d better go and do soon”s that you have yet to do, be sure to enjoy every moment to its fullest.  It may be back to school time but it’s still family time and that’s what counts the most.

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