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Dec 11, 2015 - pentatonix CD 2015

That’s right! I finally landed my own copy of the latest Pentatonix CD. I picked it up a few weeks ago and it’s amazing, the perfect Christmas gift to myself. Next to the Christmas music on the radio and the Pentatonix Christmas album, their latest CD has been playing non-stop in my home. - pentatonix CD 2015

This latest Pentatonix CD comes with 17 tracks, most of which are their own creations. I mean, how cool is that? The songs have different grooves and beats but they are so Pentatonix. Each member contributes such a vital part to their sound and they are so well harmonized I often forget that there’s absolutely no musical instruments involved in their work! - pentatonix CD 2015

Personal faves? Love “Na Na Na”, “Can’t Sleep Love”, “Sing”, and a bunch of the other tracks but my absolute current favourite is “Water” which features Kirstie and has this really neat ethereal vibe to it.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a gift yet, you should definitely consider this Pentatonix CD and if you want to know more about them, here’s how. - pentatonix CD 2015

Definitely going to be a good weekend.

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