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May 27, 2011

I’m a pretty positive person. I believe in greeting people with a smile and making sure I make the most count of every minute. My kid comes first, always. But, some days I am just exhausted absolutely undeniably exhausted for one reason or another. No matter how hard I try, every little thing starts to irritate me.
You know, this is when the beauty of coffee shows its true colours. Suddenly, those grey clouds above look like they’re sprouting rainbows. Now, I don’t drink galloons of coffee everyday. I used to drink one coffee at home during breakfast and then I’d pick up another one before I got into the office. But, lately, I realized that wasn’t very efficient use of my caffeine intake since by lunch, I might want another one. It also isn’t very kind on the wallet if I kept up this lifestyle choice. So, I decided to switch it up a bit.
I kept the morning coffee at breakfast because that’s the morning wake-me-up call. I skip the coffee on my way to work which is just as well because I can show up to work earlier than my usual stroll-in-with-coffee-time. By lunchtime, if I want one, then I might go out and get coffee number 2. Otherwise, I don’t even notice that I’ve missed it and it’s already time for home!
But no matter what: coffee number 1 in the morning is sacred because sometimes, you just need a cup of coffee.
No wonder this Friday is so beautiful!

2 comments on “Thoughts: Sometimes you just need a cup of coffee”

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    1. admin says:

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