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Nov 20, 2014 pic - caminoCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Just when I think life can’t get any better on a dreary, dark, and gloomy snowy day (I can’t wait until Spring), I get a surprise in the mail.

One box. It looks relatively unassuming until I see the sender and I open the box. Inside: decadent goodies from Camino.

Translation: one very happy child who opened the box and said, “There’s milk chocolate in there. A lot of it!!”

Talk about a happy child. She unpacked, re-packed, unpacked, and re-packed that box over and over again. She scrutinized every label, commented on every product, and made decisions about which ones she’d try and which ones were designated for me (hint: I definitely got the coffee).

Truth be told, we’ve both been a little under the weather lately and have yet to dive into our Camino goodies. We haven’t even TOUCHED the Halloween stash yet and if past years are any indication, we likely won’t touch much of it. I mean, why would you if you’ve got an entire box of Camino beckoning you?

I mean, talk about motivation for getting better!

Put Winter 2014 aside, both the big kid and I can’t wait to start testing out all the Camino products. Thank you again, Camino for the generous gift!

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