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Oct 16, 2011
Posted in: Thoughts

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I am completely amazed and shocked that our cherry tomato plant is still standing upright despite the chilly fall weather. We still have cherry tomatoes on our cherry tomato plant! Miraculously, that little cherry tomato plant has grown into a natural monstrosity and over the course of the summer we’ve been fortunate enough to eat fresh tomatoes from our backyard. A little $1.99 tomato plant has saved us a ton of money this summer.
Of course, now it’s fall and I at some point in time, will need to get cracking and tidy up the backyard in preparation for winter.  The weather has certainly gotten chillier. For the longest time, it’s been standing there with a few green cherry tomatoes holding on for dear life. It just hasn’t been warm enough for the tomatoes to ripen.  I keep wondering if those green little tomatoes will ever turn red on the vine or will I have to harvest them green and watch them ripen on the window sill.
Well, this week, they went red! How totally cool and fascinating is that! So, this little family at is enjoying what should be the last of the best cherry tomatoes for this season. Note to self: we are definitely getting another cherry tomato plant next year! Now all I have to do is build up enough courage to see if anything has grown from that sweet potato plant.  To do list: must build up the nerve to dig through the dirt and see if any sweet potatoes grew over the summer. 😉
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