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Jul 24, 2017
Posted in: Thoughts

You knew something was wrong when I didn’t post about it, right? Yep, I’m still partially in denial but I think I’m okay talking about it.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Well, to put it lightly, Avi has decided it’s time for him to find a different pace in his life and has moved on from the group. Truth be told, it was likely to happen at some point. You could almost sense it.
I would never wish it upon the group but as their fame grew, you can just imagine how much more grueling their schedule became and unlike other singers, I personally think it must have been extra taxing since there are no other external instruments to support their craft. After a while, it takes its toll and there comes a time when decisions are made to adjust and alter life patterns. Hey, I’m not Avi so this is just my personal opinion but no matter what, I will always adore Pentatonix and the music they created.


I’m sure we can all relate to some extent (hello, work life!). I mean, I’m exhausted after a dinner with just a few friends!

While I take this moment to publically acknowledge that Pentatonix is not the same as it once was, enjoy this cool little compilation I found online posted by PTXperience. My favourite Pentatonix performances were always those off mic moments when they just sang – no big stage production, no crazy light shows, just them.


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