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Oct 23, 2017 - making own chapstick

From time to time, my big kid and I try different projects together. They don’t always work out but it sure is fun to try new things that are within our comfort zone (you’ll never see us bungee jumping). I was crawling through some of the photos I took for and realized that I never did get around to posting about our attempt to make our own lip balm.

One wintry day, we decided to make our own lip balm. After doing a bit of research, we had settled on a recipe and purchased the needed materials. We even managed to purchase some empty lip balm containers. That was super cool. - making own chapstick

The ingredients were basic enough, a bit of coconut oil, some shea butter, and some beeswax. - making own chapstick

All we had to do was melt them, mix them up, pour them into the containers and we’d have these really cool homemade lip balms. - making own chapstick

As we started to plan out what and how we’d do it all, we realized we had nothing to keep the filled lip balm containers upright while its contents cooled off. - making own chapstick

We think and think and ‘tada’! Light bulb moment.

Enter: Lego. Who knew Lego blocks would play an instrumental part in our chapstick making journey? The ever interchangeable Lego pieces were perfect for the job. - making own chapstick

Talk about creativity and ingenuity – it was pure brilliance in the making. Now, we were hands free and could pour the melted liquid mixture into the molds. - making own chapstick

Together, we carefully crafted little structures that would keep the filled chapsticks upright so the liquid could have time to set. - making own chapstick

This is what they looked like once the chapstick mixture cooled off. How neat is that?! - making own chapstick

The actual chapstick…well, that didn’t exactly turn out as we’d planned. While they were effective and they did set, the lip balm just didn’t have the consistency or flavouring that we wanted. If I had to speculate, I’d say we put in too much coconut oil and not enough shea butter. The end result was far too oily for our liking so we never really used them and eventually got rid of them. - making own chapstick

Would we try and make our own lip balm again?

Totally, but we’ll need to research a few more lip balm recipes first. However, one thing is certain, this little adventure exercised our capacity to think divergently in a whole new way and that alone made it all worthwhile.

Things to do: take on a little mini project and try something new. You’ll never know what you’ll discover until you do!

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