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May 10, 2015
Posted in: A Kid's POV, Thoughts pic - kid superheroHello friends! I’m here again (it’s Jenny in case you didn’t know. Not BOB.) for a Mother’s Day post. I know I posted recently on our anniversary but I have to post today because some things just NEED me. That’s right, NEED me, because I am soooo special. Well, in this case, Mother is very special too because it’s Mother’s Day!!!!

So, mommy shall be the important one here. I have 3 paragraphs on mommies. Mommies are very interesting, that’s why I need 3 paragraphs. Not 1, not 2, not 4. One and two aren’t enough and four is too many because saying stuff about mommies like ‘my mommy’s favourite flower is an Iris’ is not important enough so I’m not going to tell you that. It’s not important at all.

1. How can mommies do so much work?

How can they do so much work? They feed us, they play with us, they pick flowers with us, they bake with us. Well, actually, they bake and we help that is, if you’re a kid. They tuck you into bed and yet they find time to make their coffee. Yep, that’s right. Coffee, but if you don’t like coffee, tea is fine. They get our stuff done and their stuff done too. They run around so much. How can they not be tired?!?! I think I’d be really tired. It’s hard to do so much stuff. I’m just a kid but I think I’d still be tired. I mean, everyone probably is. Yeah, so think about that and they go to work. At least they get paid, that’s how they get us food and toys. Yeah, if they didn’t go to work, you wouldn’t have gotten that new Lego Hero Factory set. Yep, that’s right. Oh, and by the way, my mom is typing for me right now. I know, so random. pic - kid pic2. The Life of a Mommy.

I know mommies can do lots of work. They can play and do lots of other things but the main question is ‘how can they find time to do all of it?’ Well, mommies can do work because they have huge brains. Their big brains are good at time management and can find the exact time to do work, to get it done on time, and go ‘snap, done’. Then, they look at their work and say, ‘wow, done. Now, I can do something else.’ Another part of a mommy’s life is making lots of decisions. They have to do decide what to do. Decisions include: what to eat for dinner, what time for me to go to bed, what to wear to go to work, and what my breakfast should be. There are also many more decisions. So, a mommy can do lots of different things but they really want to go home. So, when my mommy comes home I’m very glad to see her. I hug her a lot and kiss her and we hang out. Then we have dinner and then it comes time for bed, I usually say, “wow mommy, that was very yummy spaghetti.’ and then my mommy smiles and says, “I can still smell some of your spaghetti breath!” and then I say, “you are very funny mommy.”

3. MY mommy.

My mommy is very wonderful. She takes care of me well and she lives a normal life. Sometimes, me and my mommy go outside and look at the sky. We do other fun things too. We go to the park, the swimming pool, take a walk in the neighborhood, eat out together, you know, stuff like that. We watch shows together, go on vacation together, and we do this site together! My mommy loves me for who I am and she always will. I love my mommy for who she is and I always will. My mommy says, ‘when you fall, pick yourself up’ and I say, ‘if a ceiling tile falls on your head, call the repair company and tell them to fix it.’ I know, I know. Odd philosophy.:) If you don’t understand what ‘when you fall, pick yourself up’ means, it means, it’s okay to make a mistake. Learn from it, then move on. It’s like if you made a mistake on your test from 17 + 8 and you didn’t re-group, you have to learn to re-group and then you’ll do better on the next test if that kind of question comes up. pic - swans 2013I wish all mommies a Happy Mother’s Day. I bet your kids really love you as a mommy and I hope that you life a good life and your kids know how much work you do even if you don’t know.

From Jenny at, not BOB. mom’s favourite colour is turquoise.

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