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Aug 14, 2016 - violets

but I have been keeping up with my wee indoor plants. I’ve had these pots of violets for ages now – handmedowns from others who didn’t want them. I couldn’t bear to see them wilt away and so I took them all in and did my best to water them and keep them alive. I can’t even remember how many years I’ve had them for now but it’s been a while.

Confession: I haven’t even re-potted any of them. They’re still in the original plastic pot that I got them in. I water them about once a week and hope for the best. Occasionally, they’ll bloom and I get these wonderful visions: - violets

And then this one: - violets

Then, one day, I got this. - violets
I had no idea what happened to that poor violet but it wasn’t in good shape and every day, those soggy brown spots just seemed to spread more and more. It started off with only one spot and then more grew. The other nearby violets seemed to get brown spots too. One friend told me it was infected and I should either burn it or bury it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it because the rest of the plant still seemed viable and it had just grown a few buds.

So, I moved it away from the other violets and decided to chop off all the yucky leaves and hoped for the best.

Then, I waited and waited. The brown spots didn’t return.

I waited some more and then I got this. - violets

Pretty cool, huh? The flowers bloomed and while the violet looked a little sparse, it certainly looked a lot healthier than it did before.

Lessons learned: never give up. Soggy brown spots in life may make you think the problem is unsolvable. People may tell you different suggestions but you really have to make your own decisions and you may just be surprised by the outcome.

Yes, that about sums it up.

Who knew this pot of violet could teach me so much?

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