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Nov 10, 2012

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My daughter is quite the thinker. If you’ve been following along reading the posts on, you’ll know that she was the one that came up with the name for this website. I had tried a number of jazzy fun names but no matter what I tried, none of them worked. They were all taken so I turned to my kid for help. After listening to my thoughts, she blurts out, “Why don’t you call it” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Case in point: my daughter had a loose tooth. Of course, this now becomes the perfect opportunity to discuss the existence of the tooth fairy. Here is how our conversation went:

Kid, “Mom, is the tooth fairy real?”
Mom, “What do you think? Do you think the tooth fairy is real?”
Kid, “Nope. I think it’s you. So tell me, the tooth fairy isn’t real, right?”
Mom, “Well, do you want to believe the tooth fairy is real?”
Kid, “No, I just want you to tell me the truth.”
Mom, “Okay, you’re right. There is no tooth fairy actually. It’s me.”
Kid, “YES! I knew it. So…when my tooth comes out, do I still have to put it under my pillow? Will you give me money?”
Mom, “No, you don’t have to put it under your pillow unless you want to and maybe, instead of money, you’ll get something else.”

My daughter and I were the ones that worked together to pull out that first tooth. She’d been wiggling that bottom front tooth for weeks and we finally decided tonight would be the night that we’d pull it out. Enlisting the help of a freezing cold popsicle, she numbed the area and started to give that persistent tooth harder and harder tugs. Eventually, we used cold water to numb the area and she’d grab the tooth with small pieces of tissue to get a better grip. I helped with the final tug after she’d loosened it to the point where I could step in. Prior to, my big ol’ adult hands and floss just couldn’t get a grip.

When the tooth popped out, both of us were surprised. I said, “OH! I got it!” and she said, “It came OUT?” I was doing a happy dance and she was surprised and before you know it, she’s gargling to rinse the blood from her mouth and clamping down on a cotton pad. DONE.

Chomping on that cotton pad like the trooper that she is, she asks, “Mom, will you give me a present tomorrow?” I said, “Tomorrow? I’ve got a present now!” You should have seen her eyes. I didn’t think they could get any bigger. She says, “NOW?!”

Remember back to that post from eons ago about keeping stuff handy? Well, I’ve got plenty of little goodies tucked away in remote corners of our home for occasions such as these and it’s not about the size of the gift. My kid is appreciative of even the smallest gestures and it was that unexpected element of surprise in my kid’s eyes that really made my heart melt.

There she was with that new gap in her smile and her brand new gift from the ‘tooth fairy’ and this tooth fairy got a gigantic, ‘THANK YOU!’

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