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Jul 26, 2015 pic - clueless in the kitchen book

It’s no secret, I’m not a great baker and I’m probably a decent cook at best. I cook for the family but would never arrive at a potluck with anything I’ve made on the stove. I’ll bake for potlucks but that’s about it.

Through thick and thin, there have been a few cookbooks in my life that just SPEAK to me. Over the years, I’ve tossed out a number of recipe books because they didn’t work for me but there are two books that I use all the time and I’ve had them since my early days (translation: pre-baby and maybe even pre-getting married) and they’re both from the same author: Evelyn Raab.

Evelyn Raab is a miracle worker.

I have two of Evelyn Raab’s recipe books: Clueless in the Kitchen and The Clueless Baker. Here’s what my copy of Clueless in the Kitchen looks like today. All things considered, the cover is still in pretty decent condition although the pages are quite well loved (translation: butter stains, folded corners, you know, that sort of thing). pic - clueless in the kitchen book


My copy of The Clueless Baker looks so much better. It isn’t as old as the other book but trust me, the pages are equally loved. - the clueless baker book

My daughter loves both books. She’s read them to the point where she’s actually memorized her favourite pages (the definitions are particularly funny)! Evelyn’s books are humourous and witty but most importantly, they make me want to bake and cook.

Well, there I was at the bookstore browsing through the cookbook section when a glimpse of a familiar book caught my eye. I couldn’t resist and yanked out the book. There it was: a fresh copy of Evelyn Raab’s Clueless in the Kitchen cookbook. pic - clueless in the kitchen book

I just stood there with that book in my hands and sighed. Yes, it says ‘a cookbook for teens’ and while I may not be a teen (and I wasn’t when I first bought this book), the recipes stand the test of time and age of the chef nouveau!

When you’re good, you’re good. What can I say?

This post is dedicated to Evelyn Raab: thank you for making recipe books for people like me. You take the intimidation out of cooking and baking. If it weren’t for your books, I’m pretty sure my child wouldn’t have fresh baked goods and home cooked meals to enjoy!

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