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Those of you who regularly visit know that I do not have a green thumb. I love plants but I definitely do not have that innate ability to keep them alive and thriving.

Our family has had a Jade plant for a while now mainly because it’s easy to care for and it’s incredibly resilient. One day, I was doing some cleaning and ended up snapping off one of its petals. I felt terrible and didn’t want to throw it away so I decided to stick it back into the soil. I wasn’t sure if anything would happen to that snapped petal but I figured it was better than throwing it out. If nothing else, it would serve as fertilizer.

Well, time passes and I go about doing the usual stuff that life requires. Months pass and I decide to take a closer look at the Jade plant. That’s when I see this.

A little tiny Jade plant actually sprouted from that one snapped leaf! Holy moly! Talk about surprised, I had no idea it would really work but there it was staring at me. I don’t know how that little tiny Jade plant survived because I honestly didn’t do anything special to help it along.  Over the past few months, I continued to water the Jade plant but because it sits on a high shelf, I never took it down to see what was happening to that snapped petal. The snapped petal flopped off so I removed it before taking this photo.

I am stunned and speechless and completely in awe of that little teeny weeny plant. I called my daughter over to see it and she was just as fascinated by it as I was. That little Jade plant is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Now that I know it’s there, my next project will be to get another pot and re-plant it so it has some space to grow since a big Jade plant is already living in its pot.

I reflect and think back to this small chain of events. If I hadn’t actually snapped off that one leaf from the Jade plant, I would have never witnessed the growth of this little Jade plant. If I had thrown out the petal, this little Jade plant would have never come to exist. A random set of events all leading up to this miraculous little Jade plant.

Seriously, that is pretty neat.


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