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Oct 18, 2011
Posted in: Thoughts

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Allow me to dance and sing to the tune of  ‘Are You Sleeping/Frere Jacques’, “Leaves are falling, leaves are falling, to the ground, to the ground. All the leaves are falling, all the leaves are falling, to the ground, to the ground.”
Yep, you know it’s officially Fall when the leaves change colour and leaves are dancing their way down to coat the sidewalks and lawns in their vibrant hues of red, yellow, orange, and brown.  While I hate all the germs and sniffles that come with the colder weather, I can’t help but be in total awe of the autumnal fashion show that Mother Nature puts on every year.
You do what’s around the corner, right? Halloween costumes! Last year, my little child decided she would be a tree.  Now, how cool and totally unique is that!

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