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Aug 16, 2017
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Can you believe it? Summer is almost done and the school bell is about to ring in the very near future. While I’m quite capable of telling time, the speed at which time travels continues to boggle my wee brain. One minute I’m celebrating the start of summer and the next thing you know I’m planning for thicker pants and cooler weather.

How did that happen?

I guess, as with all things, our brains always have something else to focus on. There’s always something to do, something that’s pressing and demands our immediate attention and that’s how time gets eaten up. We jump from task to task to task (and you know the list never really gets any shorter no matter how fast we try to get through them) and we never really seem to make a dent. pic - kids hamster 2015

Since I can’t stop the passing of time, I’ve had to continuously remind myself to appreciate each moment as best as I can. That’s not an easy feat, I assure you, for someone like me. I’m notoriously neurotic and I over-think and ponder about all the ‘what-ifs’ in life. My brain is quite capable of doing far too much thinking in a way that only fellow spin-tops can relate.

Spin-tops, you ask? Yes, you know, those spinning tops that children will often play with. It’s an analogy I recently came up with and it’s been helping quite a fair bit. When I find myself ruminating far too long on something that I really shouldn’t be ruminating about (you know, because some things are just beyond my control), I visualize a moving spin top. It’s constantly spinning in the exact same spot and not much ever gets done.

It just spins and spins and spins.

Thus, if I want to make change, affect change, move forward, or try something different even if it’s just mentally or emotionally, then I have to put a stop to that spin-top motion and look for a solution or at least brainstorm for one.

So, long story short, since I can’t stop the passing of time, there’s no point lamenting about it. It’s best to appreciate the warm summer days we have right now and enjoy them as we see fitting. Before you know it, the children will be back in school. pic - kids 2015

I can almost hear that spin top starting again. Wait, school hasn’t started just yet!

Right, summer days, focus! pic - nature

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