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May 17, 2011
Posted in: Thoughts

or has this been a really long week and it’s only Tuesday! I feel absolutely exhausted but as a parent, how often do we not feel zonked, pooped, and then some. Yet, we still somehow manage to put on a smile and answer each question from our children like it was the first time we’d ever heard it.  That, is the essence of being a parent.
No matter how zapped I am of energy from a long day at work (honestly, some days I can feel my brain yelling at me for the work related mental pains I’ve caused it), I become refreshed when I see my kid’s face and that gigantic smile that only I, as mom, gets to have because it’s a smile just for me.
So, here’s a little round of applause to all the tireless parents out there who do what they do. No matter where you are, we all share one common goal: to make every day a little bit better for our child(ren).

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