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Sep 15, 2016 - tide big bar

Occasionally, I’ll walk into a store just to browse. It’s a rare moment when I feel like I have a few moments to spare but I had one of those days a little while back and browse I did.

There I was, strolling along and this is what I stumble upon.

A Tide Big Bar?


I had no idea Tide made bars like this. Now, I have no idea what the bar itself says but I’m guessing if it’s made by Tide, it’s likely a detergent bar. Prior to me stumbling into this store I only knew of the typical Tide products, liquid laundry detergent and such but a Tide Big Bar?

I was surprised! I almost bought it just so I could see what was inside but then I didn’t want to be wasteful since I use a different brand of laundry detergent.

It’s funny how something so small could be so intriguing. Why? Because this Tide Big Bar was unexpected and out of the norm. I blurred out the price and name of the store because I didn’t want the focus of the post to be about any of that. For me, it was purely the surprise of seeing a familiar name with an unfamiliar product.

Has anyone used a Tide Big Bar? Let me know if you have!

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