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Sep 7, 2015 pic - tomatoes sept 2015

Yes, here come the tomatoes. Two grape tomato plants have yielded so many tomatoes for us we haven’t had to buy any since July. The best part is, the grape tomatoes are incredibly sweet and oh so very fresh. Although we’ve been planting our own tomato plants for a few years now I still can’t get over how much more flavorful they are than the store bought ones.

These little baby tomatoes are a great accompaniment for any meal. I also happen to like them paired with some fresh avocado for a yummy morning breakfast treat.

Ah…fresh tomatoes from our garden. What a great way to start the week (notice that I’m avoiding the very obvious topic about the beginning of a new school year. Yes, I’m going to breach that topic after I’ve adjusted!).

Here’s to a busy week but hopefully a fun week: let’s all remember to be kind to one another as we adjust to all the new things that come our way!

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