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Oct 3, 2011
Posted in: Thoughts

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Are Mondays ever happy? Here at, Mondays  symbolize the beginning of yet another hectic week.  The week is filled with work, school, homework, activities, and oh look,  figuring out what breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be. At the same time, the good news is, Friday is one day closer. Weekends are consistently too short and are often filled with more chores, but at least there’s more family time and at ThingsThatWeDo, family time is key.
I have to be honest and let you all know that I haven’t been writing as many product reviews because I am trying to enhance the copyright features of the site. Who knew someone out there thought my material would be good enough to be copied and posted elsewhere? Soooo NOT cool. As such, you’ll start to see that I’ll be incorporating more words like our website name and I hope you all won’t find it too awkward to see it. Think of it as a branding gimmick. 😉

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