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Jun 21, 2015
Posted in: A Kid's POV, Thoughts pic - kids 2015Father’s Day 2015, can you believe it?

Question is: how will you spend today?

Some families make Father’s Day and every other holiday a lavish celebration. Others prefer to take a more relaxed and casual approach to these highlighted days. There is no right or wrong to how you choose to spend today. The key is to embrace its meaning in a form that works for your family.

Here’s a little caption from Jenny,’s regular contributor:

“The meaning of Father’s Day is to spend time with dad and to have fun with him and thank him for all that he’s done. Father’s Day is wonderful because dads always treat you so you have to treat them back. Like, dad takes you to the park so you should get him a card at least!”

Yes, spoken like a true 9 year old with that quirky humour and all.

Things to do: celebrate that special parental figure in your life. Maybe, it’s your father or maybe it’s the wise neighbor who’s always looked out for you or maybe it’s that mentor in your life who’s been your solid foundation. Whoever it is, appreciate that gift, commemorate that gift.

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