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May 7, 2015
Posted in: A Kid's POV, Thoughts pic - candleHello friends! I’m Jenny from and I came from the planet Mars. Haha, just joking. I came from Earth. Guess what? It’s a special day today. It’s our birtdhday. How old are we turning?! I don’t even know! 🙂 is turning 4. Wow, since we’re 4, we’re actually going to ask each other 4 questions. Here are the 4 questions my mom asked me:

Question 1: What do you think about now that it’s turning 4?


“I think it’s very neat that we’ve been around for 4 years because I didn’t even know we’d been around for that long. You write lots of good posts and I think I write good posts too. I like your humourous posts most.”


Question 2: What do you think about some of the changes that have taken place on over the past year?


“I think we’ve become better at writing because in the beginning I don’t remember what we wrote but if I looked at one that we wrote in the beginning and I look at the ones we do now, I think there would be some big changes. Like your posts would be more interesting, you probably have better grammar (ha ha) and I think the new look makes our website better.”

Add on question: How so? pic - kids cat 2015


“I think it makes our website because it’s good to have a new look every once in a while because it looks like we have a new site. The colours are brighter so I think it’ll pop more. The new illustrations I made also help because it’s a whole new look and my drawings are more detailed now because I’m older except I’m not a million years old but I’ve gotten older since the beginning of the website. (obviously, did you think I would shrink!?!?)

Question 3: What’s your current favourite book?


“I like this science book I got called ‘101 Science Experiments and they have cool experiments and it tells you how they happen. For example, the plant cannot produce its green pigment when it’s covered because the chlorophyll can’t work in the dark. That is a short explanation of what they would say if they made you do an experiment on covering a leaf with dark paper to see what happens.


“Don’t worry about what other people say. You have to believe in yourself (p.s. the next words my mom actually told me!) and pick yourself up when you fall. Also, when you bump your head, you rub your head and then walk away to the movies and rub it again. Then eat your popcorn. Watch whatever movie you’re watching and then when you get home, rub your head again. Funny, eh?!?!”

Okay, that’s it for me now. On to the big woman. Here are 4 questions I made for you, ma. pic - kid flowers 2015

Question 1: How do you feel about turning 4?

Answer by mom:

“Great question. I’m definitely proud of us! I can’t believe we’ve been writing everyday for 4 years. That’s a lot of posts. Let me do the math. That’s 365 x 4 = 1460 posts! That’s crazy. I mean, who knew we’d have that many ideas and they all focus around simple things that we do as a family. You know, different foods we’ve tried, different events or movies that we’ve watched or just different ideas that we’ve had over the years. Of course, you can’t forget all the posts on recalls.”

Question 2: What do you think you can do to improve your writing or just you?

Answer by mom:

“Well, that’s another great question and a tough one to answer. How to improve my writing? Well, part of the reason why I write the way I do is because I want our readers to feel that first initial feeling that I have about a certain product. So, those posts tend to be more informal. They probably could sound more eloquent or polished but then it might sound too scripted and less sincere. Then again, I write other posts that talk about our ideas or thoughts. I like those posts a lot because they remind me of what’s important to us. Huh..maybe to improve my writing, I should make sure I always double check my writing. Yes, that’s a good one.

Hm…improving myself? That’s tough too. Maybe I should remember to always be positive even if I’m having a bad day. I mean, I can have a bad day and I can have grumpy moments because that’s natural but I should always remember to pick myself up no matter what life throws at me. Yep, that’s my answer.” pic - kids hamster 2015

Question 3: How do you think the new look will help our website get better?

Answer by mom:

“Well, I certainly like the new look. It’s a lot brighter and the bigger pictures make me happy. Actually the whole makes me happy. I like your new drawings too. They’re really cool and you can see how much your illustrations have changed over the years. So, I think the new site will make get better because it seems easier to read and if it’s easier to read, it’ll make our readers happy and if it makes our readers happy, that’s got to be good for us right?”

Question 4: What was your favourite post that you wrote or I wrote and why?

Answer by mom:

“I think my favourite posts are the ones that involve you. I can’t pick a favourite one but I love it when you have time to write and share your thoughts. Oh, I know…I really like that post about watching the Lego Chima cartoon and how you thought you might only watch that one episode because you thought it might limit your creativity. You were absolutely right about that and I thought that brain blast you had was brilliant!” pic - kids 2015

Long story short: happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us! This post goes out to all our readers who have stayed with throughout these past 4 years. wouldn’t be the same without all of you.

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