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May 7, 2017
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I can’t believe it! turns 6 years old today! When my daughter and I first decided on this adventure together we knew it would be a long term commitment. Time moves quickly though and to suddenly realize that 6 long years have passed – that is just mind boggling!

Over the past few years the site has certainly made a few changes. has also moved from daily posting to a more intermittent schedule, something that I can decently manage and actually enjoy each post that is written. While I loved the idea of daily posting, I eventually gave it up because I realized that life just couldn’t accommodate the intense schedule. Work got busier and quite frankly, something had to give.

In the past 6 years, there have been other changes as well. My big kid is certainly even bigger now and although she doesn’t post quite as frequently anymore, she continues to give me feedback, offer ideas, and give her opinions of everything that happens on the site. pic - kids 2015

Thankfully, throughout it all, our family has been very fortunate to still find time to laugh together, to share small moments, and be involved in each other’s lives. By no means are we a wealthy family and you see, I think that’s the whole point: happiness isn’t about how much money you have.

Sure, you need money to pay bills and meet basic needs, but happiness isn’t determined by how much money you have. That internal happiness can come from experiencing the most serene sunrise or from sharing the most hilarious laugh with loved ones (over something that really isn’t that funny but just seemed to hit the right spot).

Perhaps, that’s what I’m most thankful for.

Of course, wouldn’t be much without our loyal readers who’ve continued to stay with us over these years. Thank you for reading, for laughing, for crying, and for sharing your thoughts with us. You know we post in the rawest form possible because we don’t want this site to be overly scripted. We wanted it to be unpretentious and authentic, to be a space where we could keep our literary brains active, share a common experience between mom and daughter, and type to our hearts’ content. pic - kid superhero

On this very special day, do yourself a favour and find yourself something fun and positive to do. Spend it with a loved one or give yourself some much needed ‘me time’. Do yoga, laughter yoga, a cooking class, or try something new. Be present, be mindful, and just enjoy it. Life can be amazing if we just let ourselves experience it.

Happy Birthday,! - homemade chocolate cake

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