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Oct 19, 2011
Posted in: Thoughts

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I can’t believe it, Halloween is just around the corner. You know, time flies by really quicker when you’re busy. I recognize that Halloween isn’t for everyone. Not all families believe in it or celebrate it and I respect that. After all, every family is different.
In our family, Halloween is a time when my child gets to be super creative with her ideas and I try my best to bring her costume idea to life, with her help of course.  I will also remember last year’s (ie. 2010) Halloween when my daughter decided she’d be a tree. My husband thought I was crazy.  “How are you going to make a tree?” For me, I thought that was a brilliantly creative and I knew I could totally make a tree costume.
She was quite the sight! We had gone to the fabric store together and she picked out a vibrant green fabric that would be the backdrop of the tree costume.  We then went to the dollar store and picked up a bunch of synthetic leaves and I proceeded to sew them on to the fabric.  It took me forever, but it was the coolest costume ever. You should have seen that proud look on her face. That was priceless.
Now, for the record, I’m not particularly adept at sewing and my idea of fun does not involve a needle and thread but I did it because it was fun for me and my daughter.  Our family enjoyed the whole process of getting ready for Halloween, you know, doing the family thing, and we certainly had a blast going out for trick or treating. She was toasty warm in her coat and the tree costume just draped on top like a well designed poncho.
Now the question is: what will she want to be this year?

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