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Jun 28, 2011
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 I promised I’d update you all on the wellbeing of our little cherry tomato plant. Well, you will all be happy to know that it is STILL ALIVE! At the time of this photo, the baby cherry tomato plant has grown taller and has even grown a few flower buds. Now, if the weather and our luck hold, maybe just maybe, we’ll see some cherry tomatoes soon.
Now, I have to confess, my daughter and I have not been keeners on taking care of the plant. Most days we remember to water it and the sun has been out but we could be taking better care of it. We could also be doing more to increase her uptake of learning about how things grow. We could be tracking its progress, charting its growth, drawing pictures to capture its development but we haven’t. We have talked about it and have gone to see how its doing but aside from that, the poor lonely cherry tomato plant could really use a friend. I might just have to cave in and look for another plant for it.
Will keep you all updated!
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2 comments on “Growing Your Own Vegetables: Tomato Plant Update – It’s still alive!”

  1. Gol says:

    Thank you very much for publishing this post! It is just what I was on the lookout for on yahoo. I would rather hear advice from an individual more than a faceless companies internet web page. Most possibly this is why I enjoy leafing through wordpress blogs. Regards!

    1. admin says:

      Hello and thank you! I’m glad you found this little blog useful to you. We’ve never been very good at growing our own vegetables mainly because we run out of time. But, as a parent, I often have to consider what would be a good learning opportunity for my child which is why I finally managed to follow through and actually get the cherry tomato plant, stick it in the ground, and keep it alive. Can’t wait until we’re able to try the tomatoes! Hope you’ll visit our site again soon and enjoy reading some of our other product reviews. From the family at

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