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Dec 13, 2014

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Question: is it cheaper to eat steak or a burger combo from a fast food restaurant?

Our family was at the local grocery store the other day and picked up a pack of steaks. We got 3 steaks for under $18. The steaks were fresh, good quality, and were a hefty decent size.

We got home, stuck it in the fridge and decided to eat them the next day. The only thing is, eating 3 steaks is a bit excessive so we made 2 and froze 1 (this is starting to sound like a typical math problem. Grade 3 math anyone?). We paired it with some plain pasta (daughter’s choice) and steamed organic sweet potatoes (my choice).

As our family sat down to eat together, we of course commented on how yummy the food was (the hubby is great at making steak. I, on the other hand, do an exceptional job of boiling it). We continued to talk about a bunch of other things and somehow we got on to the topic of the cost of our meal.

We started doing the math. Considering we paid about $18 for 3 steaks, and only ate 2, we were eating $12 worth of steak amongst 3 people which means we were each eating about $4 worth of steak. Given that the bag of pasta was purchased on sale for 99 cents and we only used a fraction of the bag, it only added about another 25 to 30 cents to our food bill. The organic sweet potatoes, were a little pricier but I had picked up a large bag of it for about $6 which lasted about 5 – 6 meals so that meant it only added another $1 to the meal at most. pic - chickpea and israeli couscousCall it a coarse estimate but all in all, we spent about $15 on the steak dinner. There was no tax and no tip involved. Now I may just be estimating but the last time I looked at those so-called combo meal deals at different fast food chains, they were all well above $5.

Thus, while the myth may be that eating fast food is a cheap eat, it really isn’t. You can actually save a lot more money and eat better quality food at home just by making wise choices in what you purchase and keeping your eyes open for good deals.

Now, in case you’re wondering, we don’t eat steak every day but we do so occasionally. We also do pasta dishes, rice dishes, curries, chili (avoid fast food chili. Many have a lot of fillers in them, yuck!), homemade pizza (we actually made our own dough recently!), and we vary our proteins too (chickpeas are a big hit in our home).

Lesson learned: don’t be lured by common misconceptions that fast food is a cheap eat. Do the math and you may be surprised!


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