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Apr 25, 2016 - superman batman cereal

I spend a lot of time at the grocery store. I think most of us do. I mean, we all have to eat at some point so the grocery store seems like a natural point of venture. Now, I see a lot of interesting things at my local supermarket so I really shouldn’t have been surprised to see them, but I was.

Were you?

Batman cereal? Superman cereal?


First off, I should preface by saying I haven’t watched the movie yet even though I do like both superheroes. I just haven’t had the chance or the motivation to watch it so I can’t comment on the movie itself. I was just shocked to see it in cereal form. I don’t know why, it certainly wouldn’t be the first movie to tie itself to a food product. Maybe it’s because part of me didn’t even realize the movie was out in the theatre!

In case you’re interested in chowing down on a bowl of these superhero bites, here’s the list of ingredients (can’t remember which box this was from but it was definitely one of them): - superman batman cereal

Here are the nutrition facts to go along with your morning superhero chew: - superman batman cereal

The good news: the cereals claim to have no artificial colours or flavours. - superman batman cereal

Any bad news? Well, I don’t know. Everyone has a different viewpoint when it comes to the list of ingredients so I’ll let you decide that one. I haven’t eaten this cereal so I can’t comment on how they taste.

As for me, I’m going to stick to my usual brand of morning munchies. Why? Well, I usually choose my food based on what I feel like eating and the ingredients that went into it. I really don’t care if they’re superhero related or not. In fact, the hype of it all makes me cringe which is why I left the box on the store shelf.

Do I like Batman and Superman? Totally. Do I like these cereals? I have no clue. For what it’s worth though, based on what I read on the General Mills blog (link below), folks seem quite excited by them!

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For more details, visit the General Mills blog website by clicking here

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