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Aug 4, 2015 pic - face plateThere we were eating dinner at the restaurant, chomping away at our meals when suddenly my child notes a very specific design on her plate. Then came the “mom, get your phone. You have to take a photo of it and put it on the site.”

Sure, why not?

Thus the question: do you see it?

Take a closer look and you might see more than a few slices of cucumber. You may start to see those cucumber slices as eyes followed by a nose and a ketchup smile and contained within an oval shaped plate for a face.

On any given day, had it been my plate, I probably would have missed it. Such is the beauty of creativity and the mind of a child who’s been encouraged to think outside the box.

Things to do: challenge your brain to see beyond what’s there. New shapes, new designs, new patterns, new solutions to old problems. Who knows what we might come up with?

This post is dedicated to that big kid of mine: thank you for being who you are! You never cease to amaze me!

Reminder: this post was written by and for only and reflects the opinion of one wee small family. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this post (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. Practice ethical posting!

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