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Oct 10, 2011
Posted in: Thoughts

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For a child, the concept of being ‘thankful’ isn’t an easy one to master. I mean, what does being ‘thankful’ really mean to a child? For a young child, history was whatever happened yesterday. Whenever I try to explain about things that happened in the past, my child will often use me as a reference point. “Was that before you were born, mommy?” is a phrase I hear often.
Thus, with Thanksgiving comes the conversations of where the holiday comes from and why.¬† This little mommy at is thankful for all the little things in life but more importantly, I’m the luckiest mommy to have a kid like her to be my daughter.
Families come in many different shapes and sizes and in many different compositions. Some families are ones we were born into, some families are ones bonded together by common experiences.For all the families out there celebrating this particular holiday, we at wish you all the fondness of memories old and new.

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