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May 18, 2011
Posted in: Thoughts

Now that you’ve had some time to crawl through this mess of a website, you may have come across my review on the Opticrom Anti-Allergy eye drops ( if not, click here to read more! ). I learned a really important lesson that day when I went to go get those eye drops. You see, I ended up holding 2 different products in my hand, one of which was the Opticrom brand. The other product was a store brand, cheaper, but also claimed to bring allergy eye relief.
After reading the ingredient list, I couldn’t figure out which would be the better product for me. So, I decided to go and line up and ask the pharmacist. If anyone is going to know anything about that ingredient list, it would be her! Guess what I found out? Aside from learning that the Opticrom brand was better, I also learned that the other brand contained an ingredient that with extended use, could increase the pressure in my eye. Now, I’m sure if I google that, I’ll find out all sorts of things that are going to make me more paranoid than I already am. So, I took her advice and picked up the Opticrom.
In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t have shares in that company and I’m not trying to promote it or force you to buy it. I’m sure there are plenty of other equally good anti-allergy eye drop brands out there. But, what this one event made me realize was how glad I am that I made that step to ASK someone for help, especially when I didn’t really want to. I mean, really, who wants to line up to talk to the pharmacist and be number 10 in line?
By spending the time and taking that step, I got important information from the pharmacist that I otherwise would not have had. Sure, the other brand told me on the box that it would reduce the redness in my eyes (I’m paraphrasing because I don’t exactly remember what it said) but I really appreciated the extra information from the pharmacist. Had I not asked, maybe I would have bought the other brand and while it might not have had a major impact on my health since I only have seasonal allergies, I can’t help but think of the ‘what if’. What if something did happen? What if I’m one of ‘those’ that aren’t captured by general statistics (can you see now why some of my friends think I over think?)?
This one simple moment in my life made me value the importance of each small act. I’m glad I took action and stood in line to get what I needed that allowed me to make an informed decision.  Thus, vital lesson learned: when in doubt, always ask (and not just at the pharmacy!).

4 comments on “At the Pharmacy: When in Doubt, Always Ask!”

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