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Jan 3, 2018
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I’ve been slow to post in 2018. I recognize that. It’s not that I can’t post or that I don’t have time to post (which is rare since I’m often too busy and spread out far too thin but hey, aren’t we all in our own ways?). No, it has nothing to do with that.

I think I’ve been slow to post because quite frankly, my first 2018 post of the year will sound almost identical to my Christmas post of 2017. I’m not being melancholy or melodramatic but 2017 gave me much to think about and reflect upon and I’ve come to appreciate that life isn’t about those big ‘ah HA!’ moments or all the dollars we throw at one another.

Life really is about the cherished memories we need to hold dear and the cherished memories we spend time creating. What’s lost often can’t be found and that’s a lesson many of us experience in varying doses so we should all remember to appreciate what we have in our lives and you know I’m not talking about the material frills and thrills. pic - snow 2014

I think back on 2017 and there are so many fleeting moments that I wish I could hold on to forever. Some were incredibly loving and teary while others were ridiculously funny (only to those involved!). Many involved good food (oh, my newfound love of pecorino cheese – good golly, that’s a keeper and I didn’t even get a chance to post about it but seriously, pecorino is delicious with a capital “D” in my books) and even more involved unexpected ‘thank yous’ or looks of gratitude from people I didn’t know.

As 2018 makes its presence known, let’s all make a pact to be better to one another, not just to the people you know, but to the people you don’t really know and to the people you didn’t even know existed. pic - winter  fun in the snow

Imagine how amazing 2018 would be.

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