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Jun 2, 2014

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If you’ve been following, you’ll know that my big kid recently hit her stride with her culinary creative skills. Over the past little while, she and I have been cooking up a storm and we’ve been baking quite a fair bit. She’ll ask to watch different cooking shows and is expressing quite the interest in cooking.

Now, like most families, cheese and crackers are often a staple snack in our home and on most occasions, my big kid simply eats them side by side, nothing fancy with a glass of milk and maybe some fruit.

Well, that’s NOT what happened today.

Today, she asked for cheese and crackers with pear. She then asked for some grape jam. Uh, okay…I agreed, why not?

I then watched as she carefully prepared little delectable morsels for snack. At times, she’d pair the cheese and crackers with a dollop of grape jam. At other times, she’d include a wedge of pear. What’s fascinating is that this is coming from a child who under normal circumstances would much rather eat plain crackers with cheese on the side than eat them all layered in one mouthful.

Take a look at her little creations. Pretty neat, huh? She obviously liked the pairing of flavours if her constant “YUM”s and “This is SO good” comments were any indication!

So, the purpose of today’s post: to encourage children to be creative in as many aspects of their lives as possible. Be a role model and embrace creativity yourself whenever possible. In time, children will make those pivotal decisions and express their own creativity, sometimes when you least expect it!

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