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Aug 31, 2013

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At least it is at my home. Sure, the tomato plants are still in the garden but well, you can tell home grown tomato season is almost over.

So, what’s been happening in your home garden this year? Well, we tried to grow cucumbers this year but that was a total FLOP. The plants grew fine enough and then one day, POOF! They’re turning yellow, some creature that I can’t find has made the plants its own personal buffet, and it’s bye bye cucumbers.

Thankfully, the tomato plants thrived despite the crazy summer weather. The plants grew and grew and still continue to grow. We ate plenty of home grown cherry and grape tomatoes. If I had to be honest, they just weren’t as sweet as the tomatoes from previous years and the tomato skin was also a lot tougher and thicker than our past successes. Given that I so DON’T have a green thumb, I don’t know if that’s because of the weather or our choice of tomatoes but either way, we ate them and enjoyed them.

So, as September nears, this post is dedicated to all those hard working parents out there who continue to tirelessly do their best despite daily ups and downs. Back to school time is a hustle and a bustle and it’s yet another transition we all have to get used to. Continue to stay positive, excited, and energized as we all move forward to greet this new life event for our kids so that we can be the best role models EVER!

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