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Feb 20, 2017
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If someone asked you to describe your ‘best day ever’, what would you say?

It’s not exactly an easy question to answer and for many of us it’s not something we can describe. Perhaps, it’s more a feeling than anything else.

I’ve had a grueling work schedule recently. Most nights I’m up far too late and wake up far too early. I recognize it’s temporary but I’m also exhausted and as my pal would say, ‘You’re running on fumes.” Yet, surprisingly enough, a series of conditions led me to have the best day ever.

Sudden snow fall under mild conditions; weekend not weekday; my big kid that I love spending time with, and one nearby hill. Result: magic. pic - snow

Instead of rushing home to do more chores or the usual weekend fare, we grabbed the toboggan and made our way to the hill. It wasn’t a big hill at all, by any means, but it was covered in fresh untouched snow (no footprint or yellow in sight). There we were, trudging up and down that hill, patting down the snow to make the best path possible. I even made myself a stump to sit on so I could stare out over the hill. There was laughing, swooshing, snow balls flying, and at times we just lay on the snow and stared at the sky.

Yep, best day ever.

Things to do: Take advantage of your weekends or free time (what little you may have) and build memories with loved ones. It doesn’t need to happen only on Valentine’s Day!

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