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Sep 19, 2015 - lego LED flashlight key chains

Rummaging through my archive images and I come across these little Lego key chains. I had picked them up one random day when I ventured to a street sale. Dragged by a dear friend who has been going to this street sale for years, I agreed to tag along.

Boy, was I glad I did. Thanks to this one trip I stumbled on to these little Lego key chains. I picked up three perfectly new Lego key chains for $10. Talk about a fantastic deal! 

The best part is, they all have LED lights! - lego LED flashlight key chains

The LED light is easily turned off. There’s a button at the chest of each Lego character. Cool, huh? - lego LED flashlight key chains

Now, I have to be honest, I would never pay full price for any of these key chains. Quality food, yes; key chain, no. While I like some Lego products I’m certainly not someone who loves them enough to pay full price especially for a key chain. Paying $10 for 3 brand new Lego LED key chains however, is completely within my budget and my consumer logic model.

Lesson learned: be on the lookout for great deals. You never know when they might leap out at you!

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