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Jan 11, 2015 - green beaver cinnamon natural toothpasteCopyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved.

When I was a kid, you brushed your teeth with toothpaste. That’s it. It was just called toothpaste. No one ever mentioned the ingredients that were in the toothpaste. I had to brush and floss. Case closed.

Fast forward and now we consumers have options. We also have information at our finger tips. We learned about fluoride and ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. Trust me, I know my memory isn’t stellar but I know for certain that sodium lauryl sulfate was never mentioned when I was a kid (not that I’m dating myself or anything).

Enter Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste. It’s sodium lauryl sulfate free and fluoride free. If you don’t like cinnamon, there are other options.

Yes folks. Options.

Product Review: What ingredients are in the Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste? - green beaver cinnamon natural toothpasteHere are the ingredients that went into making the Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste: calcium carbonate, aqua/water, sorbitol, glycerin, hydrated silica, cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon) bark oil, aroma (cinnamon natural), xylitol, citrus medica limonum (lemon) extract, xanthan gum, coco-glucoside, calcium ascorbate.

Notice words like sodium lauryl sulfate and triclosan don’t make it on the ingredient list. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Product Review: Does Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste work? - green beaver cinnamon natural toothpasteBack in February 2013, I reviewed a different Green Beaver toothpaste (the zesty orange) which truly didn’t appeal much to me. I chose to try the cinnamon one because my big kid likes cinnamon and she really wanted to try it. I double checked with the staff at my local health food store that it was okay for her to use it. Thus, this review relied heavily on her feedback but I also tested out the Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste a few times.

First things first, I like the Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste a lot more than I did the orange one. It packs a strong cinnamon punch and makes me feel as though I’m giving my teeth a good cleaning. Much like the zesty orange one, you don’t get a lot of bubbles given that there is no sodium lauryl sulfate which I’m okay with and my big kid certainly appreciated because she hates it when her toothpaste gets too frothy.

At the time of this post, my big kid has used about half the tube of Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste and she still likes it. It’s got a definite zing to it, there’s no denying it, which motivates her to brush well so the toothpaste doesn’t linger in one spot for too long!


I’m really glad I gave the Green Beaver toothpastes a second chance. While I really didn’t like the zesty orange flavour, I’m more than happy with the cinnamon one. For me, the Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste is a really good blend of ingredients with a great flavour.

Options. I like having options. Whether you choose to try the Green Beaver Cinnamon Natural Toothpaste or not, that’s totally up to you. I’m just grateful to have companies like Green Beaver around because I can now choose what ingredients to have in my toothpaste. Back when I was a kid, I really don’t think these options were that readily available or affordable (I picked this up on sale for $3.99). - green beaver cinnamon natural toothpasteSo, a big thank you to Green Beaver. Keep it up!


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For more information, visit their website by clicking here

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