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Nov 15, 2017 pic - christmas

‘Tis the season when I start thinking about holiday music and inevitably my Pentatonix Christmas CDs come into play. Who am I kidding? My Pentatonix CDs play all year long (Christmas songs included) because they continue to awe me (with Avi, without Avi, it’s all good). - a-pentatonix-christmas-cd

This year, I thought I’d spread a little extra cheer for two different renditions of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, one by Pentatonix and one by Lindsey Stirling.

Lindsey, who?

Well, I’m hoping you’ve heard of Lindsey Stirling but if you haven’t, now you have.

Allow me to formally introduce you to Lindsey Stirling’s wondrous violin playing talents. I first saw Lindsey in the Pentatonix ‘Radioactive’ music video. There was a certain groove and intensity as she danced and played the violin which gave her a very distinct and captivating presence onscreen. It was only recently that I learned Lindsey Stirling had actually started off as a contestant on the TV show, America’s Got Talent.

I had no idea!

Fast forward to present day and I’m happy to showcase two of my favourite versions of “Dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy”. Lindsey Stirling shows off her artistic violin dance style and well, you can see what Pentatonix does best (with Avi – still miss him but new guy Matt Sallee is great too!).

Do you have a favourite? I can’t decide but I sure am glad that Christmas is around the corner (and so is Winter Solstice, can’t wait for more day time! I seriously do not like it when it gets dark so early. Sigh.)

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