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Nov 22, 2015 - pentatonix poster

First off, apologies for the late post. The family did some serious ‘spring’ cleaning today and well, I just never go to the computer until now. With Christmas just a few weeks away, we wanted to do a little clean up before decking the home for the holidays.

Christmas may be in the air but I am in full Pentatonix glory. One minute I’m talking incessantly about Pentatonix and the next minute, I see this: a full size poster of Pentatonix’s latest CD release. This would be the first time I’ve seen one of their posters in person which made me so incredibly proud.

Gosh, I talk about them like they’re my children!

So far, I’ve listened to a few of the fantastic hits from their latest CD. “Can’t Sleep Love” has such an amazing groove, “Sing” makes me feel intensely happy and I can’t help but get up to dance and bounce around. I could go on and on and on, but why detract from this poster? I’m just going to sit here and enjoy it.

Oh, wait. How about a link to another Pentatonix song? This seems like a timely post that blends my two current faves: Christmas and Pentatonix. Enjoy their version of “Joy to the World”. I know I did!

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