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Apr 12, 2016

Wait, I can’t type right now. I’m too busy dancing along to Pentatonix’s latest video ‘No’, a cover of Meghan Trainor’s song.

Okay, I literally had to switch songs just so I could write this post.

I’m not joking.

I absolutely love Pentatonix. I mean I’ve always loved acapella music but Pentatonix brings the vibrance of acapella to a whole new level. Their sheer capacity to create such exhilarating music without any instruments is a feat few can achieve. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when I found out Pentatonix had a new video out.

Now, truth be told, I didn’t even know Meghan Trainor’s song “No” existed until I heard Pentatonix do their version of it (which happens to be absolutely awesome but you knew that already, right?!). Personally, I prefer Pentatonix’s version of the song. I love how beautifully Mitch, Kirstie, and Scott sing independently but also harmonize so well with Avi and Kevin adding all the ‘meat and potatoes’ to the song. There’s a bit more flare, a bit more style, and just well, just better overall really but then again, I could be just a bit biased.

Okay, if you haven’t watched this latest video ‘No’ yet, now’s your chance.

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