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Mar 13, 2014

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Hi it’s Jenny writing for I am going to tell you about Mr. Peabody and Sherman. My mom is typing for me. That’s why maybe some of her ‘communication’ may show up too.

We just watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman and it was good so first I should probably talk to you about the characters, shouldn’t I, shouldn’t I? If you read the Frozen review, you would probably know that I talk about the characters first and if you read the one where I did Halloween candy, you probably would know that I talk a lot.

Kid’s Movie Review: Mr. Peabody and Sherman – About the Characters

So, there is Mr. Peabody and he’s a dog obviously like it says in the title (mom moment: that my daughter came up with) and he’s “got a boy” named Sherman. Mr. Peabody went to college and he’s a really smart dog. He wears glasses and he made a machine called the ‘WABAC’ pronounced ‘way back’. It’s a time machine that takes you every where in the past and future.

The boy, Sherman, also wears glasses and he was adopted by Mr. Peabody because Mr. Peabody found him in a box that said SHERMAN.

Penny Peterson is a girl and she’s started out as a bully against Sherman. (I don’t know why). So then when Mr. Peabody invited her and Mr. and Mrs. Peterson to come over to their house she went on the WABAC and got stuck in Ancient Egypt and she ends up going to like King Tut’s place and then pretends to be his ‘wife’ and then Sherman and Mr. Peabody saved her and that’s it about her.

Kid’s Movie Review: Mr. Peabody and Sherman – The Story line of the Movie

So…in the beginning (sorry, something behind my tooth), the whole audience caught Mr. Peabody doing his yoga and then he told us the whole story which I’m telling you now. Well, maybe not the whole story. Anyhow, then when they went on their first adventure, Mr. Peabody and Sherman went back in time to that place where they were chopping off people’s heads. Ask your parents about that or tell your kids about it if you know about it. That is, if any crazy kids are reading this.

So then it was Sherman’s first day of school and that’s when he met Penny because Penny was in his class and I think she was being a bully to him because he was smarter than her. And then when they were fighting Sherman bit Penny and Mrs. Grunion tried to take Sherman away from Mr. Peabody.

Got to speed this up now because mom is ‘blah blah blah’ at me.

Kid’s Movie Review: Mr. Peabody and Sherman – Is this a good movie?

Yes. That’s all I have to say. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Done. See ya fans next time!


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