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Feb 15, 2014

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Do you know Pentatonix? I absolutely love Pentatonix, have loved them since I first saw them on Season 3 of the Sing Off (a TV A capella singing competition – think American Idol or The Voice but completely A capella which personally I think is much harder to do!). Pentatonix has 5 members: Scott, Avi, Mitch, Kirstie, and Kevin and each of them have stellar voices and capabilities.

Pentatonix blends the voices of Scott, Kirstie, and Mitch with the beats and sounds from Avi and Kevin. Each voice lends its own signature style. Minus just one of them and the group would not be Pentatonix. Pentatonix does covers of a lot of different songs but they also come up with their own original work. What Pentatonix does together is nothing short of magical and trust me, I rarely gush about music (do you even SEE a review category for music? I rest my case).

Did I mention Pentatonix were the righful winners of Season 3 of the Sing Off? I remember watching that season of the Sing Off, completely mesmerized by their vocal performances and arrangements. I mean seriously, I’d swear they were using instruments (thanks to Avi and Kevin – two powerful percussionist beat boxing masterminds). But, it’s more than that. There are lots of groups and lots of talent but what makes Pentatonix so good is their ability to work cohesively, to make arrangements that are unique, fresh, and so appealing to my ears.

Since winning the Sing Off, Pentatonix have been busy busy busy. They’ve done a zillion concerts and if you go on You Tube, you’ll find their videos. Hey, Pentatonix have even come up with a Christmas album, which I also loved.

Music Review: Pentatonix has a new CD out: PTX Volume 2

Just recently, Pentatonix came out with their newest CD: Pentatonix PTX Volume 2. Holy moly, is it ever awesome. My current fave is their original song: Run to You. It’s the single reason why I decided to do this post. I’ve always liked Pentatonix but this song, Run to You, was the motivating force that led to this post. Personally, I love Mitch’s voice but Run to You brings their work to a whole new level. In this song, they all sing as one choral group, voices in unison with some really cool harmonies. From that very first note, you can feel the sorrow, the longing, the desire for things to be better.

Now, in case you’re wondering, Pentatonix does fast dance, upbeat songs too. In fact, Run to You is their first ballad and boy does it rock (I’m sure I’ve said that already). They’ve covered Gangnam Style (hilarious), Radioactive (amazing), and many more but what makes this latest CD so beautiful is their own original work like Run to You.



Pentatonix is a force to be reckoned with. What never ceases to amaze me is how full and rich each of their song sounds. I mean, it literally sounds like a roomful of people singing with instruments galore and yet it’s really just 5 really really stupendously talented people doing what they do best. Hate to say it but most of their covers are even better than the original songs.

That’s enough talking from me. I think it’s best if I let Pentatonix speak for themselves. Below are links to some of their videos. Click below and enjoy!

Pentatonix new song: Run to You

Pentatonix Evolution of Beyonce: their compilation of Beyonce songs

Pentatonix: Royals song, Lorde cover

Visit the Pentatonix official website by clicking here


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