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Jul 16, 2014 - one step sanitizer sprayCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.
I’ll admit it, I use hand sanitizer. Our whole family uses hand sanitizer, not every second of every minute but we do use it. I find it hard not to when I see people on public transit sneeze directly into their hands and then promptly hold the hand rail. Ugh…that gives me the shudders.

I recognize hand sanitizer isn’t the answer for everything but depending on the type and kind of hand sanitizer you have, it can kill most of the germies on the surface that it comes into contact with. Of course, it works better if you’ve already washed your hands first to remove the organic materials that can prevent the hand sanitizer from doing its job.

Anyhoo, I recently came across this bottle of One Step Sanitizer Spray and I was intrigued because it was in a spray format. I’ve only ever come across one other hand sanitizer that came in a spray format so I was interested to see how this one would fare.

Let’s just say the other brand has nothing to worry about.

Product Review: What ingredients are in the One Step Sanitizer Spray? - one step sanitizer sprayHere are the ingredients in the One Step Sanitizer Spray: medicinal ingredient – ethyl alcohol 62% which is pretty standard across most hand sanitizers. Non-medicinal ingredients in One Step Sanitizer Spray: water, isopropyl alcohol, aloe barbadensis, parfum, and PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate.

Hmph…no comment on the ingredient list. I guess when you decide to use hand sanitizer like this it’s bound to have stuff in it.

Product Test: does One Step Sanitizer Spray work?

Let me be perfectly honest with all of you. I have used the One Step Sanitizer Spray a total of 1 time. Yes, we’ve used it ONCE since we bought it and that’s it.  I have no idea if it works well or not. Right now it just sits on a table taking up space. I don’t carry it anywhere. I don’t bring it anywhere and I see no reason to use it. I thought when I first bought it, the whole idea of it being quick drying and non-sticky would make it more appealing to use.


Know why?

Because I can’t stand the smell. - one step sanitizer sprayI’m sure there are plenty of people who like the One Step Sanitizer Spray but I’m not one of them. I found it smelled much too floral and fake for my liking. It’s not like I enjoy the smell of any other hand sanitizer but I just can’t stand the way the One Step Sanitizer Spray smells.

Did it spray well? Sure, the one time we decided to use it, it sprayed easily and it was non-sticky as indicated but when I was so turned off by the smell that I felt the need to wash my hands all over again thus rendering the One Step Sanitizer Spray completely and utterly meaningless for me.


Would I use the One Step Sanitizer Spray in a pinch? Sure. If I had to, I would but I can guarantee you that it’s not my first pick. I’m not a hand sanitizer snob by any means but my nose just can’t handle the smell of the One Step Sanitizer Spray.


In case anyone is interested, you can click below to see my review on the other spray hand sanitizer: Clean Well all natural hand sanitizer. Psst…it’s WAAAY BETTER.


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