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Aug 12, 2013

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The good news is my Paderno Ecopan is still alive. We’re still using it for the basics like making pancakes and crepes and what not. The bad news is, I think the hubby has given up on it yet again. What can I say? According to the big guy, he says food is starting to stick so he’s getting annoyed.

Do I agree with him? Yes and no.

Here are some recent photos of my Paderno Eco pan in action. As you can see, the pancakes and crepes I made turned out just fine. They didn’t stick to the Paderno Eco pan and my kid enjoyed them happy as a lark. Take a look at a more recent attempt to make frittata in the pan and you can see that it stuck big time.


I have no idea. I can’t pinpoint the reason for the flip flop performance of the Paderno Eco pan. On the one hand, it’s possible that I might have botched the frittata because I didn’t temper the Paderno Eco pan enough or maybe it’s because the pan isn’t performing as well as it should anymore. Since I can’t definitively decide what the reason is, I can’t full out blast the Paderno Eco pan for my cooking failures.

What I can say is that the Paderno Eco pan is working for my pancakes and crepes. Based on the hubby’s use of the Paderno Eco pan, he says some foods are starting to stick especially eggs and rice. He said, “Whatever you do, don’t put rice in there.” In case you have no idea what he’s talking about, a quick recap: we used to put leftovers like pasta and rice into the Paderno Eco pan to warm up with a little bit of water to generate steam. By doing that, we used the microwave less which was a win overall. As of right now, he won’t put cooked rice anywhere near the Paderno Eco pan.

What about me?

Well…I still use the Paderno Eco pan and I put up with any sticky issues as they arise. I’m not sure if I’m just clueless or not as observant as I should be. Like I said, the Paderno Eco pan still works for my pancakes and crepes and French toast too (forgot about those). Not sure what’s going on. It’s definitely better than our old Paderno pan and I still appreciate the stainless steel construction.

This one is a head scratcher folks. The good news is, it still washes off easily, but it’s still a head scratcher.

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