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Mar 30, 2013

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Febreeze, you all know the name. Whether you use it or not, you’ll have seen the Febreeze commercials with all the spritzing and dirty junk around. Sniff sniff and the people in the commercials can never seem to smell the garbage they’re sitting in.

You see, once upon a time I might have been impressed by that. Now that I’ve become a label reader, I can’t help but wonder if using Febreeze or any other synthetically scented product for that matter, is a good idea or not. I mean, do you know what you’re sniffing?

Product Review: What’s in the Febreeze Car Vent Clips?

This review is a little different from the other product reviews I’ve done in the past for mainly because a) I have no intention of testing out the Febreeze car vent clips and b) because I can’t even find the list of ingredients that are in this particular Febreeze car vent clip that I got as a sample. So, my job is a little harder since I can’t find any info to work with.

I actually went to the Febreeze website and went specifically to the Febreeze car vent clip in the linen and sky scent since that was the sample I got. Now, either I’m seriously asleep and the list of ingredients is really obvious and I just can’t see them or they’re just not there.

I don’t manufacture the Febreeze car vent clips so I don’t know what’s in them and I don’t care enough about them to dig further than their own website. But, I have to wonder why the list of ingredients isn’t included? Sure, it might be a ‘I worry my competitor might steal the formulation and my profits will go down’ but is there another reason?

As a consumer, I think I have every right to be wary of the ingredients that go into the products I purchase. I may not always make the healthiest of choices but at least, I want them to be informed choices so if I were the makers of the Febreeze car vent clips and I had nothing to hide, I’d proudly list the ingredients that were in my product just to put my customers minds’ at ease.

Product Review: Do the Febreeze car vent clips work?

While I didn’t test out the Febreeze car vent clips in my own home, I did get a chance to see them in action during a live demo and I have to say, they did keep the car clean and fragrant smelling. But, you see, from my standpoint, I think that’s part of the problem because honestly, I can’t even stand that new car smell because it smells so artificial and that’s what the Febreeze car vent clips remind me of. While you may enter your car and it’s got that fresh smell (or whatever choice of scent you want), I can’t help but wonder “so, what’s in that thing to make it smell like that?”. I mean, it’s not like you cut a fresh lemon and left it in your car or a fresh piece of ginger for that matter. Seriously, the whole Febreeze thing just creeps me out which is why I don’t use any of them in my home at all.

Do I think the Febreeze car vent clips are convenient and useful? Sure, they’re designed to help out. The Febreeze car vent clips are made to be easy to use, easy to activate and they’re supposed to make your lives smell better while you’re in the car. So, for some families, sure, these Febreeze car vent clips might be the answer to all their smelly woes.

Ah, but let’s think for a moment. You’ve got young children. You know their immune systems are more sensitive than those toughened up adult ones so do you really want to expose them to artificial scents created with ingredients that you don’t know? I’d rather my car smell like nothing or I’d use coffee grinds or do the lemon or ginger thing before I’d ever resort to something artificial and fake (I also don’t use the fabric softener sheets in case you were wondering. They creep me out too and I don’t smell like an old shoe either). At least I KNOW what that stuff is and it’s a fraction of the cost of using the Febreeze car vent clips.

Now, in Febreeze’s defense, I will say that because I got a sample pack, it is possible that because mine is a sample pack, they didn’t list the ingredients on it (which is a silly idea if that is the case) so maybe a real package would have the list of ingredients on it. Hey, I’m humble to admit that I might be completely wrong about all of this and that I’m just having a moment where my eyes can’t see what’s directly in front of me. However, what if I’m right?? You see, that’s the part that nags on my conscience and that’s why I can’t use these Febreeze car vent clips. Sorry. It’s just not going to happen.

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