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Dec 28, 2013

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Take a good long look at the pic on the left. Any guesses what it might be? It looks like a spring – true. NO, it’s not a loose spring from my bed or from my head (ha ha). It’s definitely not from my cell phone or from one of my cooking misadventures.

This lovely readers of is an Epicare. An Epi WHO? No, an Epicare.

I know, I had never heard of Epicare until a recent email from the folks at just recently started carrying Epicare and contacted me in hopes that I might be willing to review it on

When I got their email, the first thing I did was visit their site to find out more about Epicare and what it does. Any guesses yet? Well, here’s a hint: facial hair removal. Think threading gone easy high tech. Get it?

My first reaction: I was apprehensive. Do I dare try Epicare? It looked awfully creepy and so NOT what I usually use to remove unwanted facial hair (which honestly, is such a PRIVATE thing to talk about).

My second more rational thought: if I’m apprehensive about trying Epicare and had never heard of it before, most likely a large number of my readers would feel the same way which means it would be a good product to review for

Thus, I thanked for sending me an Epicare to test out and promised I’d review it in full honesty.

So, who wants to read about good ol’ facial hair removal?

Product Review: What is Epicare?

This is such a seasonally appropriate topic, isn’t it? Facial hair removal. Bottom line is (no pun intended), almost all women have to deal with unwanted facial hair and we all deal with it in different ways. Some of us do threading (no clue how that’s done), some of us use tweezers or go to the salon for professional help. Needless to say, I’m extremely lazy and low tech so I naturally resort to the tweezers method. I simply can’t imagine getting myself into a salon for help. That takes way too much effort.

Then I get Epicare in the mail and the immediate “oh oh, what have I gotten myself into?” hits. Alright, it’s now or never.

Open the package and this is what I see. Epicare looks like one long spring with two protected ends. Epicare is designed to easily remove facial hair with a few quick twists. I don’t know if I can adequately explain myself but all you really have to do is hold Epicare in both hands, give it a bend, and then start rolling it directly on the area of your face that you want to remove the facial hair from.

Sounds simple, right?

Product Review: did Epicare work? Was Epicare easy to use?

At the time of this post, I’ve used Epicare for a good 5 days now and I have to admit, I wasn’t very good at it in the beginning. I was a bit apprehensive and rightly so because the first time I put Epicare to my face and rolled, I got a few of those facial hairs on my upper lip and it hurt! Okay, it didn’t actually ‘hurt’ but it kind of caught me off guard. The Epicare kind of does that hair tug pulling thing as it should and although I’ve used tweezers before, the Epicare does have a slightly different sensation.

Another comment: although the Epicare truly is easy to use, it does take some getting used to. Over the past 5 days I’ve gotten much better at using the Epicare, twisting it ‘just so’ to remove the unwanted facial hairs in specific locations. It’s not hard but it does take some getting used to.

The best part of Epicare: it really does effectively remove unwanted facial hair and it does so quickly and with minimal effort. I used to have to stand in the bathroom for ages to remove those few choice unwanted facial hairs. With the Epicare, it takes me maybe a minute at most. That’s amazing! Unwanted facial hairs also seem to stay away for a much longer period of time too.

I visited the Epicare site and learned that it’s made from steel and is coated with a hypoallergic substance (not sure what that means) and should last a minimum of 6 – 10 months. That’s a lot of time saved that I could be doing something else!


After 5 days of use, I can safely say that I like Epicare. Epicare does what it says it’ll do – it removes those unwanted facial hairs. It costs about $15 from which is a pretty good deal when you consider how much time and aggravation you’ll save. Epicare is sturdy and easy to use. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Epicare. It seemed so foreign to me. Turns out, Epicare is quite handy and definitely makes my daily routine a lot easier. Thank you again,, for sending it my way to test!


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