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Apr 2, 2013

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It’s been 4 weeks since the Paderno Nature Trust pan landed in our home. We’ve been using it almost daily since then. Surprisingly enough, it’s been the hubby that’s been using it frequently.

If you’re a regular reader of, you’ll remember that he wasn’t exactly a fan of our old Paderno Eco pan and yet somehow, he’s grown a little attached to this Paderno Nature Trust pan which I find quite adorable. So, as promised, I’m giving a 4 week update to let our readers at know how the Paderno Nature Trust pan has been holding up through this daily cooking treatment.

Product Review: the Paderno Nature Trust pan – 4 weeks later

From the get go, we’ve been throwing our Paderno Nature Trust pan into all sorts of cooking adventures. No, still no oven action given that I am ‘this close’ to being allergic to the oven button so it’s not Paderno’s fault by any means. To date, we’ve now used the Paderno Nature Trust pan to make a lot of omelettes, French toast, burgers, chicken breast, and we’ve made a lot of carb based dishes.

So far, so good. The photos in today’s post come from a recent French toast fiesta. It was some good French toast courtesy of a little egg bread, eggs, milk, brown sugar, and a hint of vanilla with just a touch of butter in the pan.  If you look carefully at the photos, you can see there was a lot of butter left on the pan that never got used.  Now I know better and use only a fraction of what I think I need and it’s been so much better. French toast has just been a happy happy time lately!

The hubby continues to be impressed with the Paderno Nature Trust pan and I was surprised to learn today that he’s been using it to warm up leftover pasta. Usually, we’ll use the microwave to warm up leftover pasta. Has anyone ever tried to warm up leftover pasta in a regular stainless steel pan? I’ve done it before and uh, it wasn’t a pretty sight. The only way to make it work is if you add more sauce to the pan or a ton of oil (ewww) or make it into a frittata. Otherwise, sauceless pasta is impossible to warm up in a regular stainless steel pan.

Enter the Paderno Nature Trust pan and amazingly enough, the hubby has used it to warm up pasta simply by dumping it in and leaving it on medium low heat. On the odd occasion, he might add a bit of water to make some steam to speed up the process but otherwise, the pasta just goes straight in. I had no idea he had been doing this but it’s certainly a million times better than using the microwave to warm up leftovers.

We continue to wash the Paderno Nature Trust pan with soap and water and just a non abrasive sponge and so far so good. We let it cool off and then soak it in water for a few minutes while we wash the other dishes and any food I may have left on it (remember that big burger incident?) comes right off with minimal to no elbow grease.


At week 4, our Paderno Nature Trust pan is still holding strong. We’ve barely had to use any oil in our cooking and warming up food has been a breeze. Omelettes look great, French toast is turning out just fine, and cleaning hasn’t been an issue at all. I hate to say it but I haven’t used our Paderno Eco pan since getting the Paderno Nature Trust pan.

Now, I’m no detective but I’ve pretty observant at times and I’m starting to piece together why some consumers eventually had trouble with Paderno Eco pans and I THINK it may have something to do with the marketing and packaging of the pans. You see, I was recently at a store and I saw the huge Paderno factory sale and I saw a whack of the Paderno Nature Trust pans on sale. There they were sitting in all their glory, just waiting to be purchased at those crazy wicked awesome sale prices. And then I noticed it.

Each Paderno Nature Trust pan was simply encased in a plastic covering with nothing else. Now, I have nothing to say about the plastic bag idea but I just hope that when people bought those Paderno Nature Trust pans they received some sort of ‘how to care for my Paderno Nature Trust pan’ sheet. There may have been instructions and tips somewhere in that display but if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget whatever you read in the store the minute something more pertinent pops into your brain. I don’t know if all the Paderno Nature Trust pans are packaged this way or if it was like this only in that one particular store but it is some food for thought.

Does all of that make any difference in how we feel about the functionality of our current Paderno Nature Trust pan? Nope. As it is, the Paderno Nature Trust pan works like a charm and I’ll keep posting regular updates on how it’s holding up. For now, we’ll just enjoy the food cooked in it!


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