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Oct 24, 2012

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Now that my child is older, she occasionally eats lunch at school which means we needed to find suitable containers to pack her lunch. To the person that doesn’t have children, this may seem like an easy feat until you realize it’s not just a basic container that you need. You have to factor in your child’s ability to independently open the containers, whether you want the lunch to stay warm or not, and you have to think about what kind of lunches you’re going to send to school.

My husband stumbled upon these Steeltainer products but prior to his discovery, we didn’t even know they existed. So, why not do a product review for and see how these Steeltainer products hold up? Featured here is the larger 560 mL Steeltainer but we also purchased a smaller 320mL Steeltainer with adjustable divider.

Product Review: What is a Steeltainer?

When we were looking for lunch containers for our child, we wanted the containers to be BPA free and that our kid could open them independently. These Steeltainer products have a pretty unique design. Take a look at the photos included. There’s an outside container made of BPA free plastic. It also happens to be Phthalate free (double bonus!). On the inside, there is a food grade stainless steel container. If you purchase the smaller 320 mL size, it comes with a removable and adjustable divider. The lid has a click and lock system that becomes air tight on all models. Pictures for this product review feature the larger 560 mL model mainly because the other one is int he sink.

We gave the Steeltainer to our little tester, “Jenny”, and independently, she was able to click it open and click it shut. So, we instantly knew that this was a good lunch container for kids to use.

At the time of this product review post, we’ve used the snack Steeltainer at least 10 times to hold various food items. The big one sinks on our counter mainly because we haven’t quite figured out what to use it for yet but it’s good to know we havea bigger size one readily at home because you know I hate to go shopping.

In the smaller snack Steeltainer, we’ve put tomatoes, cucumbers, gold fish crackers, graham crackers, and a bunch of other foods. The lid has stayed air tight and nothing has leaked out into her back pack. The only thing we’ve learned is that the divider in the Steeltainer physically separates two food items but if one side has cut tomatoes, the other side is going to get soaked by tomato too so keep that in mind when packing both sides of the snack size Steeltainer.

My kid gets a kick out of clicking the lid open and close and it’s become her favourite container to use. Right now, we’ve got a thermos for warm lunches and we use the Steeltainer for the vegetables and fruit to accompany the lunch.


Do we like the Steeltainer? Yes, we do. We like that the Steeltainer is air tight and has kept her back pack nice and dry. The Steeltainer is easy to open for children but it does require a firm grip to click it open and closed so strong hands are needed. If nothing else, your child will get to strengthen those fine motor skills. So, if you need another container for your kid’s lunch, see if you can get your hands on a Steeltainer.

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