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Oct 17, 2014 - paderno oct 2014Copyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Back in March 2013, I received a Paderno Nature Trust pan from the folks at Paderno. Long story short, this is an update post about said Paderno Nature Trust pan. Why? Well…how do I say this? I often get asked how the pan is doing so I figured I’d post updates here and there.

It’s now October 2014 and guess what? I still have the Paderno Nature Trust pan. Does it still work? Yep. I usually use it to make omelettes, French toast, eggs, and that sort of stuff. I also use it to warm up leftovers like pizzas and tarts. That way, I don’t have to turn on the oven (remember, that’s another one of my pet peeves).

Here’s how my Paderno Nature Trust pan looks like now. Yes, it’s a little banged up and loved and no, I haven’t taken up suggestions to give it a good scrub to remove that ‘loved’ look. Why? Well, I hate to say it but I’m kind of afraid that if I do give it a good scrub, it might not work as well as it has been. I mean, so far, it’s been holding up on the non-stick homefront. - paderno oct 2014Most foods, like my French toast and omelettes easily come off without sticking. Yes, there have been some foods that get caked on but the residue comes off quickly with a little soak and a gentle wash with soap and water. For the most part, I continue to think my Paderno Nature Trust pan works best if I temper it first. I tend to leave it on the stove top with the flame going on low for a little bit until it has a chance to warm up. When I do this and when I’m patient, I find I get the best results.

So, for those of you who are interested, my Paderno Nature Trust pan is still holding up after more than a year in use. Now, before you investing in a Paderno pan for yourself, be sure to do a little research. Based on some reader feedback I received a while ago, it appears that the Paderno pans aren’t all made in Canada. Mine happens to be made in Canada but there are others that aren’t. Could this possibly be a factor in how well the Paderno pans work? I have no idea but doing the research will certainly help you make a more informed buy!

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