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Sep 8, 2014 - epicareCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Once upon a time in the corners of a cold day in December 2013, thanks to, I reviewed this product called Epicare. For our new readers who may not be familiar with it, think removal of unwanted facial hair. Yes, that’s what Epicare does. I later did an update on it in February 2014 and I feel like it’s time for another one.

Almost 9 months later, how is this little Epicare gadget doing?

Product Review: Epicare – The Good News, I think. - epicareBack in February 2014, I had a few peeves about Epicare. While it is effective at removing unwanted facial hair and relatively quickly, I wasn’t sure if it was somehow causing my zit action on my face where the hair had been removed. I’m not prone to zit breakouts so when more started to appear so did my doubts. Of course, I could have just been using Epicare incorrectly too and I totally recognized that possibility back then too.

My other peeve back in February 2014? Even though Epicare was great at removing most unwanted facial hair, I still had to do ‘leftover cleanup’ with a tweezer. So, while it was faster to use Epicare, I did have to do follow up work.

It’s now September 2014 and I’m happy to say that it seems that some of those peeves may have been resolved. As I mentioned back in my February post, I went back to my regular routine to see how things would go. My face went back to normal and I started using Epicare again. Since February, I haven’t used it as frequently and my face seemed to be okay with it. I haven’t had any big zit outbreaks and nasty unwanted facial hair has been quite removed.

Do I still use the tweezers to do followup? Yes I do although it seems I don’t need to do as much follow up work as I did before. Could it be that I’ve just gotten better at using Epicare? Maybe. Or, could it be that my facial hair has either lightened or lessened after using Epicare? Maybe.

I have NO idea. - epicareWhatever the reason, there’s no denying that the Epicare is still working and my face is cooperating. I’ll continue to update you all if there are any other changes but for now, Epicare seems to be fitting in to my lifestyle quite easily, zit free and all.


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