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Nov 28, 2012

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You’ve got a cold and maybe a sore throat. Most of us know about those big brand name sore throat lozenges. You can smell them from a mile away and they’ve often got that really strong mint flavour. I’ve used them in the past and I always found them a little lacking. Sure, they always seemed to work at first but I couldn’t help but feel as though the intensity of the flavour was somehow trying to bore a hole through my cheek.

I was sick recently and it wasn’t fun. My nose was dripping and my throat was sore. I drank a lot of the Stash Lemon Ginger tea with a ton of honey and it seemed to do wonders but there is only so much tea I can drink without constantly being stuck in the bathroom. I decided to go to my local health food store to see what I could get for that sore throat of mine.

The staff that I spoke with showed me to all the different sore throat lozenges that were available and I didn’t recognize any of them. So, uh, which one do I pick? End result: the staff highly recommended these Wedderspoon organic manuka honey lozenges. She said that among the lozenges available, these had the best flavour and were very soothing at the same time too. This seemed like the right time to do a product review on these Wedderspoon organic manuka honey lozenges for

Product Review: What are the ingredients in the Wedderspoon organic manuka honey lozenges?

I take a look at the package and these Organic Manuka 15+ Lozenges with Ground Ginger & Echinacea have the following ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic manuka honey, organic brown rice syrup, ground ginger, and Echinacea. The lozenges are nut, dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, barley, rye, sulphite, and GMO free. For the record, this is by far the most expensive bag of sore throat lozenges that I have ever purchased but hey, when you’re feeling yucky and you’re coughing every second, I was more than willing to pay the $8 price tag for these Organic Manuka 15+ Lozenges with Ground Ginger & Echinacea.

Now, I purchased this bag of Organic Manuka 15+ Lozenges with Ground Ginger & Echinacea all based on my faith in the health food store because I go there regularly and trust the store and the knowledgeable staff. The truth is, I had no idea what Manuka honey was until 10 minutes ago when I visited the Wedderspoon website to do a little digging for myself.

Turns out, Manuka honey is a specific type of honey that is very nutritious and comes from the Manuka flower nectar that the bees gather in New Zealand. The Manuka flower is a medicinal flower and this particular type of honey, according to the Wedderspoon website is “a completely natural, holistic, bio-available and biodegradable product.” I had NO idea but this is sounding quite cool and fascinating.

Do a little more digging on the Wedderspoon website and I learn that all of their products are BPA free (thank you Wedderspoon). Their products have been heavily tested against 150 different chemicals and pesticides residues. Their honey is free of pesticides, chemicals and antibiotics. If you want to know more about Wedderspoon, I would highly recommend you visit their website after reading this review because I am honestly amazed by the quality control invested into the Wedderspoon products.

What’s up with the 15+ notation? I think it has something to do with the quality count of the Manuka honey, kind of like a sliding scale where the higher the number the better but hey, I’m not really sure. I read up on it a bit but rather than paraphrase and get it wrong, I think it’s better if you just visit their site later to read more.

Product review: how does the Organic Manuka 15+ Lozenges with Ground Ginger & Echinacea taste?

These Organic Manuka 15+ Lozenges with Ground Ginger & Echinacea are delicious. They start off with a strong hit of honey that feels deep and rich and you slowly get this mild kick of ginger. The warmth of the two combined help to coat my throat and the effects lasted for quite a while. I can’t say if it was hours or minutes.

At the time of this post, I’ve had about half a box of these lozenges and sometimes the soothing effect would last for hours and I wouldn’t feel the itch to cough but other times I’d start coughing again in 30 minutes. I don’t think this is a downfall of the product because the same thing happens with other lozenges too. I think it really depends on how your body is feeling at that time combined with all the other things you’re doing or not doing.

These Wedderspoon organic Manuka honey lozenges are just really different and really neat. I appreciate having something soothing for my throat that isn’t heavily laced with menthol or mint. Sure, I liked the Herbon throat lozenges too that I reviewed a while ago, but these Wedderspoon organic Manuka honey lozenges just have a really soothing touch to them. I don’t think you need to wait until you have a sore throat to enjoy one of these lozenges. I can see myself reaching for one of these after a really long day at work, when I feel vocally drained and exhausted. These Wedderspoon organic Manuka honey lozenges would give me a much needed boost and the Echinacea is an added bonus.


I appreciate these Wedderspoon organic Manuka honey lozenges because they’re a little different from the highly minty typical lozenge norm. These lozenges leave me feeling warm and soothed like drinking a warm cup of honey tea. Since I can’t always get my hands on a freshly brewed cup of lemon ginger tea, these Wedderspoon organic Manuka honey lozenges really helped to carry me through those sicky icky days. Truth be told, I still enjoy them here and there just because I like them!

If you want more information about this product, visit their website by clicking here.

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