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Jan 23, 2017 pic - pig

Odd how that question comes up occasionally. Regular readers of will know of the Paderno Nature Trust pan that I’ve had since March 2013 and how much buzz my Paderno posts seem to generate. Some folks would email and rave about their Paderno pans while others weren’t quite as positive.

I haven’t talked about that pan since November of 2015! I didn’t even realize that much time had passed!! Given that it’s now 2017, some of you have wondered about that Paderno Nature Trust pan and whether or not it’s still in my home.

Yes, it is.

Yes, I’m still using it.

Yes, it still works.

Over the years, I learned early on that my Paderno Nature Trust pan worked best after it was tempered. So, every time I decide I’m going to use it, I turn on the stove and leave it above a low-medium flame until I’ve gathered all my ingredients. Then again, that seems to apply to all my pots and pans. To this day, my Paderno Nature Trust pan still gives me a pretty reliable finished product. Sure, it looks quite loved now but in my books it’s still going strong.

Just recently, I used my Paderno Nature Trust pan to warm up some leftover pizza. You can see that my pan sure isn’t in the best of shape but I don’t mind. It doesn’t seem to affect its performance at all and I’m still happy with it. pic-paderno-and-pizza 2017

As always, I left my pizza crust side down first to warm up and then flipped it over so the toppings get some heat as well. Here’s my finished slice of pizza with all the toppings, cheese included, still intact. pic-paderno-and-pizza 2017

Pretty cool, right?

What do I use my Paderno Nature Trust pan for? Well, it’s still my go-to pan for pancakes, French toast, omelettes, leftover pizza (and other leftovers too). I use it to warm up polenta, cook sausages, and the hubby uses it to make fresh homemade burgers.

My verdict? My Paderno Nature Trust pan is an old loved pan but it’s still kicking up a storm!

p.s. in case you want to read some of those earlier Paderno posts, here’s a link to my 2015 post:

Posted Nov. 13, 2015: Long time no chat, Paderno Who?

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